Friday, October 22, 2010

Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE...?

Ok I know I should probably be editing but as I was editing today I had this thought cross my mind...
As I am editing some wedding photos I am looking at how this groom was looking at this bride. They were smitten. So in love. And I thought wow, look at how much they love eachother. Isn't Crazy how you can fall so instantly in LOVE with a person? So anyways, then I was thinking it took Ken and I one full year to get it figured out.. lol... we knew we loved eachother but we were young, in love and crazy haha... and then I got thinking of all those couples who meet, 3 weeks later get engaged and get married. We all kinda think in the back of our mind WOW, ya that was kinda quick, hopefully that works out for ya. But you know what... It will. I am confident to say that I believe in love at first sight. Take my boys for example. I have only known Zack for 2 years, Preston for 4 months (ya I know I can't believe he is 4 months either?) but how instantly Ken and I fell in love with them. I know they are our children but whats the difference? We love them. We always will love them and frankly we would do anything in this world for them. I am confident to say I would drive across this country to see my babies, I would cry a million times for them, get up 10-20 times a night for them, I would literally die for them. I would seriously do anything for my children. So why do we think that someone can't fall in love that fast? I am honestly now a FIRM believer in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I love you boys, (including my Ken) what an amazing life I get to have because of them!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

ok my rants need to stop.....

Ok so for the last few posts it seems I have ranted or what not about something. Or how I am having a bad day or how frustrated I get as a mother... I am here to say I LOVE to be a mom. I think sometimes we rant when we get frustrated or sad but when we are happy and enjoying every minute of life we have no time to post about the happy times.... ( I must say I don't blog to often but when I do I should try and be a little more positive haha...) Anyways I just wanted to mention how smart, funny and fabulous my kiddos are.
Zack is now two and doing the most funniest things. He is sooo smart it scares me. The doctor asked the other day if he was putting two words together yet.. I was like TWO WORDS? Try like 4 or 5. He is getting so smart to try and figure out how to communicate to me. He cracks me up. Today I came in the kitchen and low and behold my little Zacker had pulled a chair up to the stove and had a can of pears and a spoon and told me, " MOM! COOK! PEARS! DAD! WORK = (translation) mom, look I'm cooking pears for dad who's at work... haha as i was about to scream "GET OFF THE STOVE" I thought what a smart little guy. And then I can't go on enough about how fabulous of a helper he is. I mean don't get me wrong he's two its not like he's scrubbing floors haha but holy moly, he can take his clothes off all by himself and his diaper get in the shower turn it on, today he washed his own carrot to eat it.
He pulls his little chair up to the sink and stands at it washes it turns the water off and tells me mom, dirt, carrot, wash. haha! GIve him a wet wipe and the coffee table is spotless... oh man I love that little guy. As frustrating a two year old can be sometimes, he is the love of my life!!
Now Preston. Oh man he is growing way to fast. He is not my BABY anymore.... lol... I already want the days to STOP and slow down.... He rolled over the other day (maybe by a fluke but i don't care he still rolled) I screamed NOOOO your my baby.... lol.. he can sit in his bumbo chair all by himself so well! HE has the most adorable smile and oh my gosh his laugh. Oh his laugh. It is to die for adorable! He always giggles at Zack and they are the best of friends! Preston is a rockstar sleeper and goes sometimes longer than zack haha.... I love my boys. I just wanted to make that nice and clear haha... I love being a mommy despite the hard and challenging days. Thank you for all your concerns and love on my last post sometimes its just nice to know other moms have felt it or gone through it. But I do love my babies. They are the joy of my life and they honestly make me laugh daily! I love them!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mental Breakdown...

Ok so today was possibly one of the most awfullest days.. (is that even a word) whatever today it is....
So we have been having alot of trouble with Zack and his awful sleeping problems. I kid you not when i tell you he gets up 10-15 times a night. NO JOKE. The other night he only got up 5 times and i told my mom, "Last night was AWESOME, Zack only got up 5 times...???" what the... how weird does that sound I'm sure.. anyways... so last night was really a gooder, i am guessing on average i got about 1.5 hours of sleep (yes that is the whole night not just consecutive) so i was a wee bit tired, a little stressed and not to keen on going to church. But we went, but as we got there, I could tell that this wasn't going to be the best of days.... As went to nursery Zack had his usual meltdown... which isn't too abnormal haha.. anyways then Preston started crying wanting to eat so i take Zack, Preston and myself to the mothers lounge and as I am trying to nurse Preston he is crying his eyes out because he hates having a blanket on him while nursing, then Zack was freaking out because he wanted to go find dad.... so i just got dressed, changed both their bums, put one in one arm and another in the other as Zack was kicking and screaming to go find dad, and I marched around the church trying to find Ken. As I came around the corner I finally found him and as he walked closer to me I couldn't help it but the TEARS started to flow... ken was so worried and said, "whats wrong" All I could say is I WANNA GO HOME.... I am not going to lie... Church has been a huge struggle since Zack has gone to nursery. I feel like we go to sacrament and run the halls because what two year old can sit that long? Then we go to nursery and as in "We" I mean all of us. Ken has to teach but then comes up after because that's
about the time I need him to either takePreston or be with Zack? Ugh have any of you had this problem. Anyways needless to say I left church today a MESS... bawling like a 5 year old. I saw one of my old teachers when I was in elementary and all she said was don't worry it gets easier... I thought in my head I feel like I am 5 again and all I wanted to say is I want my mom... LOL... anyways. Nevertheless I had a rough day what mom doesn't, although I will say I am more than embarrassed to go back to church next Sunday I will go and I will try and get through one more week. Hopefully we can get Zack to sleep for more than a few hours? anyways... anyone have any suggestions for sleep or for keeping a 2 year old at nursery and happy? lol?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ok, I know everyone LOves their husband but I LOVE MY HUSBAND... haha.. he knows the way to my heart is when he cooks. haha.. I don't mind cooking I really don't but I must tell you he is honestly the BEST cook EVER! I would WAY rather have a meal from him then go to like the KEG... So the other night Ken was watching the food network which he always does but then decided to make me a late night meal. (if you know us baker's, meal time isn't until like 10pm) we know its weird but we love to do that! Just him and I sitting together... anyways... lol... the other night Ken wouldn't let me in the Kitchen because he had something brewing in the kitchen. He said this is going to be the best meal I have ever made you, the two of our fav foods combined.... I was intrigued...

Ya, hotdog, and macaroni and homemade cheese sauce. Ya if you like a good hotdog your defiantly drooling right now I know it.. lol.. (if you hate hotodgs i'd skim past this picture) Anyways Thanks Ken you really are a fabulous man! LOVE YOU

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

weight UPDATE

well... I thought after that awesome post and responses of the dreaded "baby weight" I thought I should do a little update. I have kinda sad news (if your a runner you'll understand) but I love to run.. and so I thought I would start. I was training for a little 10km. I was at about 6 km in and realized my poor baby was chewing his arm off.. I thought it was everything BUT working out... anyways... so unfortunately I have to stop my running for a little bit. But I would WAY rather have a full baby then a starving baby and a nice bod. haha... anyways.... So far things are going really good we are trying to walk and get out and I try and do abs here and there (when Zack isn't jumping all over me haha) anyways I wanted to post to keep updated because it was so sweet of all of you girls to give me advice and encourage. So thank you for that! So its been 5 1/2 weeks since the dr gave me the go ahead to start excersising. I currently am 4 pounds away from pre preganncy Preston. YAA although i have like 20 pounds of pre pregnancy zack haha. but that will come. Anyways I have lost a total of 42lbs from the day I delivered Preston and so yaa its coming. (ya do the math I gained alot with PRESTON) haha. anyways Thanks for everyones encouragement and support you are all fabulous and I think how fabulous life is when you have such fabulous friends! Love you all thank you for your friendship!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today's Photoshoot....

Well today is the day.. haha... Let me explain
For Kenny and I's anniversary I gave Kenny a photoshoot for the two of us, just him and I. Super fun I thought. No one was going to see these just us and to have for us... (not that we were doing anything weird just didnt want to post them) anyways as things have progressed we have decided to do something a little more non traditional... so we are pretty stinken excited... lol.. anyways as nervous as I am as I am NOT photogenic in the least, I have no idea how to be on the other side of the lens we are pretty stinken excited. I have a pretty good lookin hubby so hopefully he can carry the shoot for us... lol. ANYWAYS I must be off to get ready...
(A little secret of what we are doing... lol)

Monday, September 13, 2010

I hate you Jillian... LOL

Jillian- you are going to KILL ME..... (but thank you)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Boots to fill....

Ok well if we are friends on facebook you may have already seen this pic. and whatever if you have... but I just wanted to just rant about how much I absolutely LOVE my boys... They are perfect in every way! I love Zack and how energetic he is, how he is so happy and how he LOVES his baby brother. I love my Preston boy because of his sweet personality and his gentle disposition. I can tell these two rascals are going to be best buds and I love how they smile already at eachother! What a lucky mom I am to have the two cutest boys I know.
I love this picture because Zack LOVES LOVES LOVES these boots and although I absolutely disagree with this saying as my boys are going to be very different.... I still thought it was pretty cute.. haha
Love you boys


Friday, August 13, 2010

Biggest Looser...

Ok so normally I don't really post about this stuff but you know what it's totally on my mind and I want feedback. I read a blog post a while ago on a fellow bloggers blog and she went on a little rant about how she is pretty sure people read her blog but don't leave comments. I'm totally guilty buuuuut.... if that is you today you must and have to leave a comment.
So it has been 6 weeks since our sweet lil baby entered the world! I LOVE HIM! He is such a good little baby and is such a joy in our life.... BUT... with having a baby comes the fun and dreaded topic of WEIGHT. LOL! OK, so this is what I want to hear your feedback. Please. Ok so with Zack I gained ALOT ALOT ALOT of weight. It was awesome... lol anyways after Zack I stressed over the weight issue and it was so hard because all I wanted to do was GET IT OFF FAST. So anyways, this time with Preston I thought you know what I am just going to enjoy my boys those first 6 weeks as I really shouldn't be exercising until I get the go ahead from my dr. WELL... I had my apt on Tuesday and she said things look good and to start but start slowly. SO...(this is getting rather lengthy...) but I want to hear your story. How much weight did you gain with your baby, babies, ect. How did you get it off? and How long did it take? Did you nurse? What did you do to get your baby weight off? I have decided that weight watchers, or Jenny Craig things like that aren't for me. I am just going to work out and try and eat healthy. Like I said I normally wouldn't post about something like this but it has been on my mind so I wanted some feedback. I know the weight will come (yes I am anxious) but it's nice to have some encouragement and feedback. Like if she can do it then so can I, kinda deal. Anyways LET ME HEAR YOUR STORY! Don't be shy or bashful. I can't wait!
Here's to happy weight

Monday, August 2, 2010

Its a new day...

Well its actually not a new day at all... from my last post anyway.
but after I posted I thought you know what I just need to try a few things to make things fun and exciting for Zack too! I mean don't get me wrong we have left our house ALOT since I had Preston but just not alot of fun things mostly groceries, apt's, and just things that NEED to be done! So I thought tonight Zack Preston and I were gonna do something fun. We popped popcorn, got blankets out rented a movie and sat together and had a great ol time! I love being a momma! There we go.... I can do this! lol....



I have been wanting to post for um now... 1 month.. LOL... I have had so much on my mind... and honestly not a whole lot of time to write.
So here is my attempt to try and BLOG again...
Well we have finally welcomed out sweet baby boy into the world! Preston Kenneth Baker 9 lbs 3 oz and 22 inches long. He is absolutely a doll and we love him soo much! He is blonde? which yes Kenny is the father! LOL! He is a great little sleeper and pretty good little eater as well! Zack absolutely adores him! He has been quite a good big brother! He is very helpful at getting diapers and helping tub Preston and watching TOOPY while mommy nurses Preston.
Although he is pretty good there have been the occasional meltdowns... but I figure this is normal? RIGHT?
Well having two is nothing that I pictured at all. Now don't take me for an idiot here because I knew it would be busy but I never thought this busy... and I have my mom and sisters help ALL the time... This is what makes me nervous/worried. I need to know your feedback. Did you have to have help when you went from 1 child to 2? Like for example... how would you go to a pool and go swimming with your kids? I want to go in with Zack but I can't quite take little Preston? So do you just leave him on the side? Not really? do you send Zack in with a life jacket, NO... so I guess although I think I am slowly adjusting to two I still find somethings a little hard or frustrating. My children are the joy in my life they really are but sometimes I think I get to hard on myself thinking, am I even doing a good job with two? It totally is an adjustment for me but I feel like some days I am really getting it? But then I don't know? Maybe not. Sometimes I feel like people look at me like are you serious its just TWO? Like my sister for example has 5 kids my other sister has 4 and they are amazing little mommies. I don't know I know I shouldn't compare but I just wish I had that confidence that I could be like ya I know what I'm doing, or Ya I am doing a pretty good job.
We had a Harris thing yesterday at my mom and dad's and my older cousin gave me the HUGEST compliment. She said, "so you have two kids now eh? You look so comfortable and relaxed with two." My first response was WHAT???? But then I thought ya you know what maybe I can do this? maybe having two isn't that big of a deal? I know it can be challenging like at 2 am and one wakes the other one up because they are crying but whatever sleep is overrated
Anyways I want to hear your feedback... How did you adjust to having two? Do you have any tips or tricks? I love having both my boys and I love playing with both of them but I must say for me anyways it has been quite the little adjustment. Anyways things are going fabulous Ken is off to Boston for work and we miss him so bad... it hasn"t even been one day yet... I can't wait for him to get home.. I just think everyday just 4 more days, just so many hours ect... lol. I love my man! He is everything to me! Anyways there is my ramblings for today! I sure do love my TWO little boys though and they are everything to me, I just hope I'm doing a good job of raising them both? LOL?

who wouldn't love these two cute faces!!!!!


Friday, July 16, 2010

My Brest Friend

Oh my gracious... I wish I would of found this little beauty with Zack.... My girlfriend suggested it to me a while ago but I thought its fine I have my little boppy pillow... I was good. Anyways lately my BACK has been KILLING me as I was nursing Preston and I thought I've gotta do something....
Let me introduce to you literally my new BREAST FRIEND

If you don't have one and are nursing... you NEED to get one.. it will save your back. Although you look like a complete DORk wearing it and Strapping in lol its AMAZING! AMAZING. Thank you MICH for suggesting it, it totally has saved my back!

Monday, June 28, 2010

D Day...

AND.... we are off.... Wish us luck... We will be in touch lil old blog! Oh soo full of emotion right now and can't WAIT to let the world know what we had! Oh we love him/her all ready! POST SOON!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Mom...

Let's be honest here... how many of you can say your mom is your very best friend??? Well I am not gonna lie my mom has been my best friend for well as long as I can remember. Even when I was 5 and screamed and kicked because I didn't want to go to kindergarden she was the only one that would stick up for me and stay until I was comfortable. Honestly, she is the most patient and caring person I know. Today my post is dedicated to my mom.... why??? random it's not her birthday, it's not mothers day....
It's because today I realized the LOVE my mom has for me, because of how much I love my baby! ( did that even make sense?) As I thought of all the reasons I love my mom I made this list and I am still adding to it in my head but I think I will just name a few because I think she is the most fabulous person, the most fabulous mother, and the most amazing grandmother I've EVER met... honestly...
1. She is my mom
2. She has the biggest heart.
3. She constantly is giving
4. She knows how to take a joke- and be mocked (which is helpful around our house... lol)
5. She laughs at anyone and Everyone's jokes...
6. She constantly has a smile on her face (even when Zack pees on her carpet)
7. She loves to play with her grandkids
8. She gives me breaks so I can "put my feet up" all the time
9. She constantly is helping me around my house (dishes, laundry, making my bed-which p.s. I can tell when she has made it because its soo neat and tight just like when I was a kid!)
10. She serves the Lord
11. She never complains
12. She is so willing to do anything for me, especially right now constantly taking Zack, helping me with errands, and willing to do anything while we are in the hospital
13. She always tells me it's ok that I call her like 15 times a day (even though I'm pretty sure she has A LOT more important things she could be doing)
14. She is the greatest example (I remember as a kid always walking past her bedroom and seeing her on her knees)
15. She makes the best LEMONADE...
16. Although she thinks my dad is the better cook (which don't get me wrong he is an amazing cook!!!) nothing beats my moms cooking... have you tasted cynth's buns....?
17. She is the hardest worker I've met
18. I love her love notes
19. I love her MOM/DAUGHTER dates
20. I love her house!! (is that vain... I do though)
21. I love how she worries...
22. She loves her family
23. She loves unconditional
24. She is truly my best friend in the whole world and I don't think I would be the person I am today without her!
25. I love her
I am not kidding I could sit here all night posting more to this list but I'll stop, but I just wanted the world to know that I most definitely have the WORLDS GREATEST MOM! I love you cynth you mean the world to our family! Thanks for everything you do for us and especially our little Zacker! He loves you more than anything (really... more than queenie I think??? and I'm pretty positive more than his parents haha... )


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Ok so its official... we are on the official count down to baby coming!!! OOH I can't wait as I am not going to lie this last bit has been a wee bit uncomfortable! I am tired, grumpy, and kinda short tempered I have to admit.... I feel sorry for my poor and patient husband... What a sweet man he is to put up with me...
Anyways this post is just to my baby boy.... Ugh I am gonna start to cry but that is just because I am 5 days away from having a baby so I am allowed to cry right? Oh Zack... how precious you are to me! How I can't get enough of you! Especially this week as we get closer to baby #2, and amongst the grumpiness of being pregnant I just can't get enough of my babies kisses, I can't hold him enough and I can't watch him sleep enough... In the night sometimes I just go in his room and watch his sweet little face as he sleeps and looks so innocent and precious! I can't get enough I really can't. I can't believe we are having another one... it is sooo exciting yet I am getting a little sad as the time spent with just me and my baby seems to be going so fast... I feel like I just need to savor every moment... ugh that's a hard one to explain I guess unless you've gone through that... Anyways... I just wanted my baby boy to know how much I love him so much! It has been a pleasure being his mom and I am so excited to watch him become a BIG BROTHER! you will be fabulous lil bubba and we LOVE you more than anything! Thanks for being the most handsome and happiest lil babe we know! Zack these last 2 years have been the best years of my life... you complete us!! WE Love you
(This, besides my wedding day was the best moment of my life)


Thursday, June 17, 2010

You brush your teeth... chuchichiuchiuchuchuchu...

Ok you know that song when you were little, when you wake up in the morning and its quarter to 1, and you just want to have a little fun you brush your teeth , chuchichiuchiuchuchuchu... however you spell that last part but you all know what I'm talking about... lol And I'm guessing your all singing it now too... lol
Its hard not to...
Well I have recently discovered that isn't it AMAZING what a good toothbrushin can do... A. it removes plaque (fabulous, coming from a dental geek) B. instantly gives you better breath C. reduces the amount of cavities in your mouth.
Anyways I just had to post this because lately as I have been feeling so yucky and just ready to get this done with I have found the one thing that has saved me is my toothbrush! I love my oral b, and what it does for me... lol... instantly I feel better... its like when you are getting ready for the day. You just can't feel READY until you get that toothbrush in your mouth eh? Anyways I just had to do a little shout out to my toothbrush today for helping me feel so fresh and clean! LOL! I love brushing my teeth... lol

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ok the countdown is on....

I am sure this is a little early but honestly I am so excited so nervous so everthing.... buuut eeeek 17 more days and we get to hold our sweet bundle of joy!!!!!!eeeek!
Lets do some guesses... BOY OR GIRL? and weight? I wanna see if anyone can get it!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Did you think to pray???

Oh man, another post in 1 week... that's impressive... lol... I have been doing a lot of thinking since my last post and I just had to write this down. As I was driving into Lethbridge today I couldn't get this song out of my head and I kept thinking gosh, that's weird I normally don't have songs going through my head I normally have thoughts, or concerns or what I am going to do when I get to Lethbridge... But today was different....
As Things are getting closer for me and for baby to come I have been having a lot of "ahaa" moments... I guess you could call them. Like for instance 1. cutting my vegetables and fruits up and putting them in containers in the fridge completely helps our family eat our fruits and veggies.... (that was a lame example but little things like that) anyhoo... one of my aha moments today was as things are getting closer and closer for us, nerves start to get the best of me. I am constantly thinking of how Zack is going to do, how he will be while I'm away at the hospital, getting baby clothes ready and washed, cleaning this house like crazy, I guess you could say I'm 'nesting'? I think that is the dumbest term by the way... anyways...
So through this process like I said I have some worrysome moments.. like will surgery go ok, will baby nurse, will baby be healthy, ect... so as I have been feeling these emotions I keep thinking in my head how to deal with all these emotions so I am not an emotional wreck for the next 3 weeks. I need to keep sane so I don't drive everyone around me nuts... anyways today as I was driving to lethbridge this song came in my head....

Ere you left your room this morning,
Did you think to pray?
In the name of Christ our Savior,
Did you sue for loving favor,
As a shield today?
Oh, how praying rests the weary!
Prayer will change the night to day;
So when life seems dark and dreary,
  • Don’t forget to pray.
Don't you just love that song? Gosh, how simple can it be.... how dumb must I be.... I know I pray at night and sometimes I just get into the same routine of prayers, but think about it... All you have to do is pray? (ok I am sure this is lame to some as this is just an epiphany for me....)
anyways, what a great little song. I sang it so loud to Zack and then I just started to bawl ( so much for keeping my emotions under control for the next 3 weeks haha)
I know that as these last few months have turned into weeks, as these next few weeks turn into days, and as those days turn into hours and then minutes.... I know that, that minute where I get to finally hold my precious little baby in my arms that all time will stop, all time will hold still for Ken and I, and not one of those worries will cross my mind for that brief minute! oooh I can't wait for that minute to come! I am grateful to a Heavenly Father who trusts Ken and I to do this, to bring another little one into this big scary world, and how grateful I am for that!
Well off to bed, will keep everyone posted when baby comes. I will try and keep my epiphany's to a minimum... lol

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Well its 5 am now and I can't sleep... surprise surprise!!! LOL! I have been stewing all night about posting this but then I thought for heavens sake, I know I may get comments all over the map... but anyways... I can't sleep and I am uncomfortable so I thought I am going to go finally.... post on my blog.... lol. Well Things are getting closer for us as baby number 2 is on its way... yep its coming whether we are ready or not... heeehee.. no we are actually getting REALLY excited! Me in particular! I love newborns and I can't wait to see how little Zacky does with new brother or sister. He is so cute already changing his bears diaper, and kissing him to sleep at night.. he is such a little sweetheart! Anyways as things round closer for me I am getting well what should I say... EMOTIONAL... is that a surprise. I have I think every kind of emotion running through my head. I am nervous, can I really do this? 2 kids. I am sure I can but really can I? I am scared, for everything mostly the surgery, will it go well? will everything go smooth like last time? I am sad that I only have 30 days left with just me and my precious boy.... I am excited to start a new life with our new addition but most of all I am grateful for the opportunity to have this baby.... So then it got me thinking a lot of motherhood. There are so many different kinds of mothers, some are funny, some are fun, some are cool some are laid back, some are crazy, some are cleaners, some are sweet and some are weird, some are talented, some are career based, some are so into their kids that they forget that they have husbands or other people around them, some are generous, some are not so generous, there are honestly a billion "types" of mothers around this world. It makes me wonder sometimes what's the "RIGHT" way to parent? well WORLD, this is my new take on it... I believe that every mom was given that child for a reason... (minus the stupid mothers) but that's a different post.... I guess what I am trying to say is sometimes don't you feel that you are not the best of moms? That people can put you down in a place where they point fingers at you because you aren't being the "MOM" they think you should be? I sometimes get like that but.... you know what... I just have to realize I am the best mom for my little Zack. Sometimes I think man I wish I could play with Zack like that mom plays with her kids, or I wish I could be more sensitive, or more of a teacher to Zack ect... but you know what Zack is a perfect little boy (in my opinion anyways...) and I am here just to guide him. He will be the man one day that he will be and I hope and pray that I will be able to guide him to the best of his potential and that's MY JOB not anyone else. What a greater calling than that eh? Anyways this probably seems stupid to write about but its my blog and I had a little epiphany and I thought I need to write this down. I love my boys, I love my husband he is the best supporting husband I have ever met, he is kind, genuine and funny and sweet and most of all I know he loves me and my boy! I love my baby because he is after all "perfect" to me! He is funny and smart and I know he is going to do fabulous things in this life as we grow together as a family! I love my little family and am so grateful the Lord would bless me with such fabulous boys in my LIFE!
(ps yes this baby is really ready to come out!!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Catching up... EASTER

Well my sweet goal of blogging regularly was a little harder than I thought.. lol.. I am trying I really am!!! haha... well We are finally in our new place here and Love it. It was a little adjustment this week going from a 4 level split to a one level place where there is no dishwasher but we are honestly really starting to fall in love already which is great! We had a lot of good times and a lot of stressful times this week but to always get us through it is our sweet baby boy! One day I really should stop calling him my baby.. LOL... anyways here are a few things that kept us entertained while having the stress of moving...
Zack loved to help pack, and label EVERYTHING! He was great at putting things in boxes and taking them out! It was super he Loves his new COWBOY BOOTS and is still in love with shoes lately though its been daddy's workboots? What a knucklehead!!!
So while being out here in M Town, we have grown to really like it. There is a slower pace feeling of being out here and it has been really nice.... a few things we've been up to have been very camera worthy.... (this is what I came home to the other day...LOL)

we also have learned to remove clothing, all parts including a diaper...
reading on our own....

and the sweet songs of Zack's ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM 100000 times a day just will never get old around here!!!!

So this is what our sweet family has been up to lately... Now yesterday was a really fun day... being Easter and all.... The men went to Priesthood and so Grandma had a whole afternoons worth of fun for the grandkids....
When we first got out to the farm Gramma Cynth had already made some WICKED batter for cupcakes that as the kids got to layer them they were the coolest looking cupcakes EVER and SUPER BRIGHT!

Next was off to the basement to have an EASTER LESSON from Grandma Harris. She is always so fun to be around but we are always constantly learning too... I said to my sister I think I am learning more about Christ then the kids are... haha..
Then off to upstairs to go on an egg hunt. In the eggs were money and for the end prize we all got to go up town to the BLUE GOOSE
for some delicious ICE CREAM...

Zack loves ice cream with grandma!!!
What a fun time we had out there thank you so much to Grandma...
Happy EASTER everyone!!! Will be posting really soon! I have a really EXCITING shoot to post here soon can't wait to SHARE!!!!
oh right and here is my new photography buddy.... super excited!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well we MADE it!

We are finally in! We have made the move the old house is cleaned (thanks to my sweet mother in law) and the new house all ready to rock (thanks to my mother). I just can't express how much I love family. They are always there to help they are always there to lend a helping hand and to get your through anything! Aren't they fabulous!
Anyways well we are here, we are here in good ol Magrath! We certainly don't feel like HOME quite yet but we are getting there... Yesterday we went and got a few groceries because we have been living on fast food and hot dogs for the last 2 weeks so we thought we probably should have a real piece of fruit in this house
I will post some pics of the new place soon. I really use the word "new" lightly.. haha... it will be an awesome little place to live! Zack is adjusting... gets a little emotional at times just not knowing what the heck is going on or why we are here but he loves the fact that he gets to see his grandma and his cousins like everyday... That is a sweet memory for him I am excited to have! Well I just wanted to post and say we are in, we did it, we survived the move... we didn't even think about divorce... haha.. we had a few stressful days and I said to Ken, "are we gonna make it through this move or what?" haha we just had to sit there and laugh... It all went good and we are getting all settled in! Pictures to come of the new place... we just need to get a few pics on the wall! LOL!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

4 Fun Fabulous DAYS..

Well wow... what a crazy weekend and start of week. We are in the fun process of moving and boy its been a NOT... I am not a huge fan of moving now... haha, I was the one who told Ken, I'll do it, it will be fine.. Well plans are changing around like crazy but I'm sure its all for the good!
Well here is our life in a nutshell... first we will start with why we are all moving away from our wonderful little abode here in Lethy!!! Ken graduated this year and got hired on with Sunlife and we were offered a fabulous position which will require us to move sooner or later. Its a 3 year training program, our first year we found out is here in Lethbridge and then our other years could possibly be Boston or Ireland! It will be a super fun adventure but have required us to be grown ups and make a few decisions. So we decided to put our house on the market like April mayish and see what happens... well we had a realtor come look at it and see what we could get and in a matter of one week we were signing papers and just like that our sweet little home was SOLD. We definitely got what we wanted for $$$ but its still hard to leave this fabulous home, and friends and family we have made here in Lethbridge.
Well we decided that if our second year was in Boston we would rent in Magrath until we go just to help save up some money as Boston is the 2ND most expensive place to live in the USA right now.
So anyways... low and behold look what we are doing all in one month.... moving back to my hometown, MAGRATH. Something I never thought we'd EVER be doing. LOL... I love my little Magrath dont get me wrong... I just never thought we as a family would be moving back there. We have so many emotions, nervous, excited, worried, happy, sad to be leaving here too... So anyways we are in the process of moving as we have to be out on April 1st.
As we were looking for somewhere to just rent out in Magrath we found a few opportunities ( one possiblity was shackin up with the parents haha... ) but then another opportunity just presented itself and we couldn't be more thrilled....
A house of our own again... lol it may be old and it may not be built my trusty husband and father but I will live there! lol.. its actually really cute. I can see the potential. It definately needs a little TLC but I can't wait to make it our home! (It's just temporary I have to keep telling myself.)
Anyways... so for that long story wow sorry everyone if you don't like to read blogs you just basically read our life just to tell about this little story....
So among all this packing and moving and having such a big helper (he really is, he loves to help put things in boxes although he also loves to take them out. But he does love to help!LOL, being 7 months preggers and still trying to be a mom and wife... ( I may be slipping in those areas at this time) we have been getting a little sick, me in particular.
So Saturday day Ken said to me Mandy I am taking Zack to Magrath to do some stuff when I get back I want you to have seen a doctor and have a solution to this cold that you can not even breathe.... So off to a walk in I went.. they did absolutely nothing for me so they told me to go to EMERG... EMERG??? what the heck I hate the hospital but I knew Ken would give me that guilty feeling if I came home without seeing a doctor so there I sat in Emerg for 2 whole long hours without my baby to keep me entertained. Finally when I got in she listened and was about to do an x-ray when I asked if I could skip the x-ray. She then said we should put me on a ventilator and see if that helps... OH MY GOSH... i am so glad I went down there I actually took one good breath in and it felt SOOO GOOD to breathe!!! loL! so home I went with a ventilator and it has sure made life a little easier for me (what a poor sap I am... LOL)
Anyways, then last night we had another trip to the hospital... haha... Zack was up all night coughing and hacking and gagging and I thought what if he has the same as me? So down we went again at 12 am. Poor little Gaffer... We then had to get the poor little guy and xray and wait FOREVER it seemed. I was so relieved to hear he didn't have the pneumonia too but that he just has A LOT of gunk in his poor chest. I hate sickness I hate being sick and more than that I hate the HOSPITAL.. lol.. they are great people but I would rather be in my comfy bed sleeping my heart away... I hope we all feel better as this move is just this Friday and Saturday... so fun! Although I think I have everything ready to go I am going to be SOOO EXCITED to just get out there and start our life in our sweet new home! Please come visit if you can and we'll show you the SIGHTS of good ol MAGRATH!

Friday, March 19, 2010

another attempt...

Ok here is yet another attempt to be a blogging mom... haha. I am inspired by my sweet sister in law to do this.. I read hers everyday and think gosh I wish I could do that... well here we go AGAIN... haha. I promise I will try this time. I would like to do be able to have some kind of remembrance of our family... haha... Zack is growing so fast and doing so many fun things that I need to be better at writing them down. So like I said this is my attempt to do better... a pledge... here we go again..

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Ok I really stink at this blog... I am so busy trying to keep Zack going, working, and doing photos and then keeping up the otherblog... gosh... anyways I will really try and be better at posting to this blog too! I am working on a bunch of photos of our family every month I will touch up about 30 photos that I love and then at the end of the year do a little slideshow... this is what i did this year for our pictures and LOVE it! Sooo.. this is my new goal for this year! SO EXCITED! Anyways I will be posting pictures very soon as is looks like January is coming to an end... crazy!!!