Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ok, Seriously I haven't fallen off the face of the earth but this is what happens when a computer crashes... Balls... So anyways things are in progress with the photography business so I am getting wicked stoked! Our new computer comes this week, got the new photoshop CS4 and a tablet! OOOh i am getting really excited to do some wicked editing... It stinks that the computer went but maybe this is a good thing... start anew! Anyhoo Just to let everyone know give me a week or two but then check out my blog for photography its, and soon to come.....(drum roll please...) MY WEBSITE!!! YEah I am totally pumped about alll this.. Kenny has really Stepped in and started to help me out on the business side and I think this might just work out perfectly for us! YEAH! So get ready to get some family/ engagment/ baby, or maternity pictures because we are going to have a ball! OOH I am excited to start some new Fresh ideas and I hope you are too!
Will be back in business soon!

Friday, February 6, 2009

New start....Sort Of

Ok So, I guess you all heard... my computer crashed.. like I said before... worst day of my life.... I thought I was going to pass out. Anyhoo... Well Today was a very exciting day for me because well although my computer crashed and what not it might not be a bad thing.. I mean I really Really love this photography business and I've always wanted to really pursue it.... I mean really get my name out there and I guess be confident in what I do. I always second guess my work, is it good, are my clients going to like it, its silly how much I can stress and fret over one picture.... anyways... So getting back to this whole computer thing... Today we bought a brand new i mac computer -24inches again but this time the Hard drive automatically backs itself up every hour... fewf what a relief... So i am really excited about that, also i am excited because I am getting the NEW photoshop CS well I think its CS4... yeah hoo! So i am really excited to see what this program offers me... Well the point of all this jibber jabber is that I really really want to immerse myself in this photography more and more.... I love it and I have fun with it, I just need to be confident in it. I have a really good friend who is a client and she always is telling me how much she loves my stuff and I am not going to lie everytime she refers someone to me or talks about the photography it does make me feel like a million bucks... that I really start to feel confident in what I am doing.. so.. point is I am going to start into this business a little more heavily. i want to get prints professionally printed, I am in the process of making a label for myself, I am also in the process of making business cards and ect... I think that I really can do this I love it and so why not.. The reason I am making this post is actuallly to hear your feedback.. I love hearing feedback obviously from everyone because then I can take all of it into perspetive and really get a jump on all this... Let me know what you think, ideas, suggestions.... if you want to commment on photos be my guest... Also I am working on making my photography blog a bit more... well professional rather than just a cute blog.. anyways I hope this is making sense I would just love to hear ideas and suggestions... Thanks for reading this jibber jabber.... I love all you guys and all of my clients thank you for your wonderful support and confident I sure appreciate all you do for me... Thank you for your wonderful comments and support! I love you all and can't wait to photograph each one of your families and to make a story of your sweet little families!

Monday, February 2, 2009

He Sleeps!!!!

The monster sleeps! I was starting to loose hope there! Last night Zack slept sooo wonderful! and even though it wasn't completely through the night it was way better than every 2 hours! I am finally excited once again. Sometimes I think that us moms get a little to comparitive (is that even a word?) and think our kid should be doing what the other kids doing... well let me remind everyone (mostly myself) that each babe is different and different things work for different babies... I am so lucky to have my little baby and even though he doesn't sleep through the night he is perfect to me! Thanks to all my wonderful and amazing friends who are so supportive through this fun and learning process of motherhood... I sure appreciate all your encouragement, advice and awesome chats.. Here is a little picture of my wild haired little man... They really are wonderful aren't they!...