Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Blog

I am not sure if I wrote this but we have a new family blog of our adventures in boston. Its
THanks for hanging out with us! xo

Friday, August 26, 2011


Ok blogger friends. I have decided to go.... PRIVATE.. lol actually I made a whole new blog for our adventures in BOSTON so by the end I can make it into a book! ANYWAYS if you want to be invited let me know send me an email to
and ill add you onto our little list of friends! So good bye little old blog.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Family Picture.

Well we attempted family pictures, as in THE WHOLE HARRIS FAMILY... lol They didnt turn out to bad. Anyways since we are moving to Boston I decided to try and become a more faithful Blogger. I need to blog more so my family can see what we are up to! But didn't want to do it on my photography blog. So here is to trying to be a better blogger....

Friday, October 22, 2010

Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE...?

Ok I know I should probably be editing but as I was editing today I had this thought cross my mind...
As I am editing some wedding photos I am looking at how this groom was looking at this bride. They were smitten. So in love. And I thought wow, look at how much they love eachother. Isn't Crazy how you can fall so instantly in LOVE with a person? So anyways, then I was thinking it took Ken and I one full year to get it figured out.. lol... we knew we loved eachother but we were young, in love and crazy haha... and then I got thinking of all those couples who meet, 3 weeks later get engaged and get married. We all kinda think in the back of our mind WOW, ya that was kinda quick, hopefully that works out for ya. But you know what... It will. I am confident to say that I believe in love at first sight. Take my boys for example. I have only known Zack for 2 years, Preston for 4 months (ya I know I can't believe he is 4 months either?) but how instantly Ken and I fell in love with them. I know they are our children but whats the difference? We love them. We always will love them and frankly we would do anything in this world for them. I am confident to say I would drive across this country to see my babies, I would cry a million times for them, get up 10-20 times a night for them, I would literally die for them. I would seriously do anything for my children. So why do we think that someone can't fall in love that fast? I am honestly now a FIRM believer in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I love you boys, (including my Ken) what an amazing life I get to have because of them!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

ok my rants need to stop.....

Ok so for the last few posts it seems I have ranted or what not about something. Or how I am having a bad day or how frustrated I get as a mother... I am here to say I LOVE to be a mom. I think sometimes we rant when we get frustrated or sad but when we are happy and enjoying every minute of life we have no time to post about the happy times.... ( I must say I don't blog to often but when I do I should try and be a little more positive haha...) Anyways I just wanted to mention how smart, funny and fabulous my kiddos are.
Zack is now two and doing the most funniest things. He is sooo smart it scares me. The doctor asked the other day if he was putting two words together yet.. I was like TWO WORDS? Try like 4 or 5. He is getting so smart to try and figure out how to communicate to me. He cracks me up. Today I came in the kitchen and low and behold my little Zacker had pulled a chair up to the stove and had a can of pears and a spoon and told me, " MOM! COOK! PEARS! DAD! WORK = (translation) mom, look I'm cooking pears for dad who's at work... haha as i was about to scream "GET OFF THE STOVE" I thought what a smart little guy. And then I can't go on enough about how fabulous of a helper he is. I mean don't get me wrong he's two its not like he's scrubbing floors haha but holy moly, he can take his clothes off all by himself and his diaper get in the shower turn it on, today he washed his own carrot to eat it.
He pulls his little chair up to the sink and stands at it washes it turns the water off and tells me mom, dirt, carrot, wash. haha! GIve him a wet wipe and the coffee table is spotless... oh man I love that little guy. As frustrating a two year old can be sometimes, he is the love of my life!!
Now Preston. Oh man he is growing way to fast. He is not my BABY anymore.... lol... I already want the days to STOP and slow down.... He rolled over the other day (maybe by a fluke but i don't care he still rolled) I screamed NOOOO your my baby.... lol.. he can sit in his bumbo chair all by himself so well! HE has the most adorable smile and oh my gosh his laugh. Oh his laugh. It is to die for adorable! He always giggles at Zack and they are the best of friends! Preston is a rockstar sleeper and goes sometimes longer than zack haha.... I love my boys. I just wanted to make that nice and clear haha... I love being a mommy despite the hard and challenging days. Thank you for all your concerns and love on my last post sometimes its just nice to know other moms have felt it or gone through it. But I do love my babies. They are the joy of my life and they honestly make me laugh daily! I love them!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mental Breakdown...

Ok so today was possibly one of the most awfullest days.. (is that even a word) whatever today it is....
So we have been having alot of trouble with Zack and his awful sleeping problems. I kid you not when i tell you he gets up 10-15 times a night. NO JOKE. The other night he only got up 5 times and i told my mom, "Last night was AWESOME, Zack only got up 5 times...???" what the... how weird does that sound I'm sure.. anyways... so last night was really a gooder, i am guessing on average i got about 1.5 hours of sleep (yes that is the whole night not just consecutive) so i was a wee bit tired, a little stressed and not to keen on going to church. But we went, but as we got there, I could tell that this wasn't going to be the best of days.... As went to nursery Zack had his usual meltdown... which isn't too abnormal haha.. anyways then Preston started crying wanting to eat so i take Zack, Preston and myself to the mothers lounge and as I am trying to nurse Preston he is crying his eyes out because he hates having a blanket on him while nursing, then Zack was freaking out because he wanted to go find dad.... so i just got dressed, changed both their bums, put one in one arm and another in the other as Zack was kicking and screaming to go find dad, and I marched around the church trying to find Ken. As I came around the corner I finally found him and as he walked closer to me I couldn't help it but the TEARS started to flow... ken was so worried and said, "whats wrong" All I could say is I WANNA GO HOME.... I am not going to lie... Church has been a huge struggle since Zack has gone to nursery. I feel like we go to sacrament and run the halls because what two year old can sit that long? Then we go to nursery and as in "We" I mean all of us. Ken has to teach but then comes up after because that's
about the time I need him to either takePreston or be with Zack? Ugh have any of you had this problem. Anyways needless to say I left church today a MESS... bawling like a 5 year old. I saw one of my old teachers when I was in elementary and all she said was don't worry it gets easier... I thought in my head I feel like I am 5 again and all I wanted to say is I want my mom... LOL... anyways. Nevertheless I had a rough day what mom doesn't, although I will say I am more than embarrassed to go back to church next Sunday I will go and I will try and get through one more week. Hopefully we can get Zack to sleep for more than a few hours? anyways... anyone have any suggestions for sleep or for keeping a 2 year old at nursery and happy? lol?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ok, I know everyone LOves their husband but I LOVE MY HUSBAND... haha.. he knows the way to my heart is when he cooks. haha.. I don't mind cooking I really don't but I must tell you he is honestly the BEST cook EVER! I would WAY rather have a meal from him then go to like the KEG... So the other night Ken was watching the food network which he always does but then decided to make me a late night meal. (if you know us baker's, meal time isn't until like 10pm) we know its weird but we love to do that! Just him and I sitting together... anyways... lol... the other night Ken wouldn't let me in the Kitchen because he had something brewing in the kitchen. He said this is going to be the best meal I have ever made you, the two of our fav foods combined.... I was intrigued...

Ya, hotdog, and macaroni and homemade cheese sauce. Ya if you like a good hotdog your defiantly drooling right now I know it.. lol.. (if you hate hotodgs i'd skim past this picture) Anyways Thanks Ken you really are a fabulous man! LOVE YOU