Friday, October 22, 2010

Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE...?

Ok I know I should probably be editing but as I was editing today I had this thought cross my mind...
As I am editing some wedding photos I am looking at how this groom was looking at this bride. They were smitten. So in love. And I thought wow, look at how much they love eachother. Isn't Crazy how you can fall so instantly in LOVE with a person? So anyways, then I was thinking it took Ken and I one full year to get it figured out.. lol... we knew we loved eachother but we were young, in love and crazy haha... and then I got thinking of all those couples who meet, 3 weeks later get engaged and get married. We all kinda think in the back of our mind WOW, ya that was kinda quick, hopefully that works out for ya. But you know what... It will. I am confident to say that I believe in love at first sight. Take my boys for example. I have only known Zack for 2 years, Preston for 4 months (ya I know I can't believe he is 4 months either?) but how instantly Ken and I fell in love with them. I know they are our children but whats the difference? We love them. We always will love them and frankly we would do anything in this world for them. I am confident to say I would drive across this country to see my babies, I would cry a million times for them, get up 10-20 times a night for them, I would literally die for them. I would seriously do anything for my children. So why do we think that someone can't fall in love that fast? I am honestly now a FIRM believer in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I love you boys, (including my Ken) what an amazing life I get to have because of them!


  1. Cute post! Isn't it incredible how much you instantly love a little stranger?! Within seconds you love them more than you could even imagine. You're a great momma!

  2. how the heck is preston sleeping on that hard chair!?!? my kids would never! your boys are too cute and i agree - love at 1st sight baby!