Thursday, October 14, 2010

ok my rants need to stop.....

Ok so for the last few posts it seems I have ranted or what not about something. Or how I am having a bad day or how frustrated I get as a mother... I am here to say I LOVE to be a mom. I think sometimes we rant when we get frustrated or sad but when we are happy and enjoying every minute of life we have no time to post about the happy times.... ( I must say I don't blog to often but when I do I should try and be a little more positive haha...) Anyways I just wanted to mention how smart, funny and fabulous my kiddos are.
Zack is now two and doing the most funniest things. He is sooo smart it scares me. The doctor asked the other day if he was putting two words together yet.. I was like TWO WORDS? Try like 4 or 5. He is getting so smart to try and figure out how to communicate to me. He cracks me up. Today I came in the kitchen and low and behold my little Zacker had pulled a chair up to the stove and had a can of pears and a spoon and told me, " MOM! COOK! PEARS! DAD! WORK = (translation) mom, look I'm cooking pears for dad who's at work... haha as i was about to scream "GET OFF THE STOVE" I thought what a smart little guy. And then I can't go on enough about how fabulous of a helper he is. I mean don't get me wrong he's two its not like he's scrubbing floors haha but holy moly, he can take his clothes off all by himself and his diaper get in the shower turn it on, today he washed his own carrot to eat it.
He pulls his little chair up to the sink and stands at it washes it turns the water off and tells me mom, dirt, carrot, wash. haha! GIve him a wet wipe and the coffee table is spotless... oh man I love that little guy. As frustrating a two year old can be sometimes, he is the love of my life!!
Now Preston. Oh man he is growing way to fast. He is not my BABY anymore.... lol... I already want the days to STOP and slow down.... He rolled over the other day (maybe by a fluke but i don't care he still rolled) I screamed NOOOO your my baby.... lol.. he can sit in his bumbo chair all by himself so well! HE has the most adorable smile and oh my gosh his laugh. Oh his laugh. It is to die for adorable! He always giggles at Zack and they are the best of friends! Preston is a rockstar sleeper and goes sometimes longer than zack haha.... I love my boys. I just wanted to make that nice and clear haha... I love being a mommy despite the hard and challenging days. Thank you for all your concerns and love on my last post sometimes its just nice to know other moms have felt it or gone through it. But I do love my babies. They are the joy of my life and they honestly make me laugh daily! I love them!

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