Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ok, I know everyone LOves their husband but I LOVE MY HUSBAND... haha.. he knows the way to my heart is when he cooks. haha.. I don't mind cooking I really don't but I must tell you he is honestly the BEST cook EVER! I would WAY rather have a meal from him then go to like the KEG... So the other night Ken was watching the food network which he always does but then decided to make me a late night meal. (if you know us baker's, meal time isn't until like 10pm) we know its weird but we love to do that! Just him and I sitting together... anyways... lol... the other night Ken wouldn't let me in the Kitchen because he had something brewing in the kitchen. He said this is going to be the best meal I have ever made you, the two of our fav foods combined.... I was intrigued...

Ya, hotdog, and macaroni and homemade cheese sauce. Ya if you like a good hotdog your defiantly drooling right now I know it.. lol.. (if you hate hotodgs i'd skim past this picture) Anyways Thanks Ken you really are a fabulous man! LOVE YOU

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

weight UPDATE

well... I thought after that awesome post and responses of the dreaded "baby weight" I thought I should do a little update. I have kinda sad news (if your a runner you'll understand) but I love to run.. and so I thought I would start. I was training for a little 10km. I was at about 6 km in and realized my poor baby was chewing his arm off.. I thought it was everything BUT working out... anyways... so unfortunately I have to stop my running for a little bit. But I would WAY rather have a full baby then a starving baby and a nice bod. haha... anyways.... So far things are going really good we are trying to walk and get out and I try and do abs here and there (when Zack isn't jumping all over me haha) anyways I wanted to post to keep updated because it was so sweet of all of you girls to give me advice and encourage. So thank you for that! So its been 5 1/2 weeks since the dr gave me the go ahead to start excersising. I currently am 4 pounds away from pre preganncy Preston. YAA although i have like 20 pounds of pre pregnancy zack haha. but that will come. Anyways I have lost a total of 42lbs from the day I delivered Preston and so yaa its coming. (ya do the math I gained alot with PRESTON) haha. anyways Thanks for everyones encouragement and support you are all fabulous and I think how fabulous life is when you have such fabulous friends! Love you all thank you for your friendship!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today's Photoshoot....

Well today is the day.. haha... Let me explain
For Kenny and I's anniversary I gave Kenny a photoshoot for the two of us, just him and I. Super fun I thought. No one was going to see these just us and to have for us... (not that we were doing anything weird just didnt want to post them) anyways as things have progressed we have decided to do something a little more non traditional... so we are pretty stinken excited... lol.. anyways as nervous as I am as I am NOT photogenic in the least, I have no idea how to be on the other side of the lens we are pretty stinken excited. I have a pretty good lookin hubby so hopefully he can carry the shoot for us... lol. ANYWAYS I must be off to get ready...
(A little secret of what we are doing... lol)

Monday, September 13, 2010

I hate you Jillian... LOL

Jillian- you are going to KILL ME..... (but thank you)