Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ok, I know everyone LOves their husband but I LOVE MY HUSBAND... haha.. he knows the way to my heart is when he cooks. haha.. I don't mind cooking I really don't but I must tell you he is honestly the BEST cook EVER! I would WAY rather have a meal from him then go to like the KEG... So the other night Ken was watching the food network which he always does but then decided to make me a late night meal. (if you know us baker's, meal time isn't until like 10pm) we know its weird but we love to do that! Just him and I sitting together... anyways... lol... the other night Ken wouldn't let me in the Kitchen because he had something brewing in the kitchen. He said this is going to be the best meal I have ever made you, the two of our fav foods combined.... I was intrigued...

Ya, hotdog, and macaroni and homemade cheese sauce. Ya if you like a good hotdog your defiantly drooling right now I know it.. lol.. (if you hate hotodgs i'd skim past this picture) Anyways Thanks Ken you really are a fabulous man! LOVE YOU


  1. hahahahahahaha!!!!! that is quite the guy you got there mands!

  2. this does look good! I want the cheese sauce recipe! It looks yummy!

  3. haha not sure if i love hot dogs, but that picture makes them look pretty darned delicious! that's too fun :)