Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Okay so I have a little goal I am going to get out there so I can either have someone do it with me haha or just at least bug me to do it... anyways... Ken and I went to edmonton this last weekend for a little family getaway... while we were driving I kept saying ken, I know i've forgotten something... he's like well what? kept going on and on and on like that I know I forgot something... so we get to Calgary and I was like AAAHHH I FORGOT MY CAMERA..... balls i was so mad.. anyways kenny was like this is good... you can just relax and enjoy our lil family... and you know what it was super fun... but I felt like something was missing... so.. my new birthday wish is to get a new little olympus( i know, I'm normally a canon girl....) but.... olympus stylus 6000 its waterproof point and click and its adorable and takes great little pictures for the oops I forgot my camera moments... and it goes underwater, and in extremely cold temperatures as well! anyways... so I want that for my birthday because I want to start the 365 day project. Basically what you do is take a picture everyday of something you did or what happened that day ( i believe anyways?) I'm kinda making it up because I have heard about it but I think I'll just kind do my own twist! LOL! anyways... I am going to do that and this is what this blog will be about the everyday picture! Then at the end of they year I will have a sweet little scrapbook of our baby boy and our family! Anyways if anyone wants to join me we could push each other along and remind all of us to do it? Its a great way to capture those moments we may otherwise forget! anyways.... let me know I'm super PUMPED!