Monday, March 23, 2009

Calling All MODELS!!!!

Alright all you AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL FANS.... WE WANT YOU!!!! We had so much fun with our last family giveaway we decided to do another giveaway... It seems fast but we are so excited to do another one! This one is different however from the last, because its a so called "GLAMOUR SHOT" My fear of giving this away is no one will enter because I know people can get modest on me here... But I can PROMISE YOU we will have SOO MUCH FUN!! It's very relaxed, not stressful, get out there and be silly... TO tell you the TRUTH its really fun for me too... to find new poses and do funky outfits! So we won't call it a GLAMOUR SHOT we'll call it America's Next Top Model... ( I love to go and play americans next top model its so fun!!!) So... here's how you enter... I have been reading about these points systems... and 
I LOVE THE IDEA! So here are your points...
1.Follow Baker Photograpy Blog- 1 point
2.Post about this giveaway on your blog/facebook/website - 2 points
3.Put a link from your blog/website to our BLOG- 1 point
4. Tell me about your favorite Photo session of yourself/or others
Flatter me... Just kiding, no but really.... -1 point
Let me know what ones (or ALL) that you have done and I will put your name in the draw! Come on everyone put your pride/ modesty behind you and LETS HAVE SOME FUN! I can't wait to go out and take some FUN photos... I would like to do outside ones and a few inside as well! 
The GIVEAWAY will be going until March 31st at MIDNIGHT! All participants will recieve a discount on their own "Glamour Shots" if you book with in the first 7 days after the WINNER is announced! GOOD
check out

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Okay, I don't know if EVERYONE knows but hello.. its FREE!!! I am doing a giveaway for FREE FAMILY PHOTOS! I am so excited to do it and to see who the winner is... I am more excited I think than alot of the people who have already put their name in! OOHh the anticipation is killing me! Let me know your story soon, you can check out my photography blog at
and enter to win! It will be so fun! And keep posted cuz I really wanna do a 
glamour shot GIVEAWAY.. and you HAVE to enter that one cuz its just for fun!!!
Anyways Enter away like I said I am soo excited to do this little compititon! It makes is fun!
Check it out and GOOD LUCK!!!

Where Are You Tooth???

Teething- defintion, horrible time had by all... man i feel bad for this little guffer... He's been teething forever it comes up and goes back down... that is the stupidest part! like I said yuck... I just feel so bad for Zack! It seems so painful, nothing makes him happy I feel awful! I gave him teething tablets, teething toys... its just a rough life when your 6 months of age.. haha.. Poor thing.. anyways Im sure we'll all survive!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Okay, how come I still get these crazy cravings... and I'm not even pregnant? So the other day I all the sudden had the biggest craving and what for... Rice Pudding.. rice pudding???? What the heck is that? I swear I've only ever had a bite of rice pudding once when I was small and now all the sudden... I can't get enough... so off to Wally World I went to try and find this cursed thing, and a pregnancy test.... I swore I had to of been pregnant... 
<span class=>
Well I'm here to announce, definitely NOT pregnant!.... But then...

I got another Crazy craving.... SICK PANCAKES! I hate pancakes! I always have and yep you guessed it we had the most scruntious pancakes i've ever had.... So anyways despite my whole I always think Im pregnant thing I'm also sick of these cravings... Im not sure if it's a post pregnancy thing but I sure hope they stop soon or I'll never get all my baby weight off?

Feb- Mardi Gras

Okay so call our family weird, but this year we celebrated MARDI GRAS... and though no we didn't have a parade or took our shirts off, we had cake and fake beads... The funny thing is we did absolutely nothing for Valentines Day (except Ken cooked an amazing meal) but we did celebrate the wonderful day of MARDI GRAS! Reason.... i'm sure your wondering why? Each month for family home evening we have 5 different "activities" each month... really 4 but a 5th for those months with more weeks... anyhoo.... One week we do an activity (swimming, basketball, for a walk... ect.) one week we learn about the scriptures, one week we do a service activity, and one week we have a night of culture... we learn about another country or culture... Last month we had our friends over and did the Chinese New Year and learned about China, this month was France and we learned about "Fat Tuesday" which another word is Mardi Gras... So therefore we celebrated mardi gras and boy we had a good time.... The reason for the cake is there is a tradition that they do that they make a cake and put a "trinket" inside and whoever gets the trinket (which normally is  a toy baby doll) gets crowned king or queen of the day.... It was fun, kenny put together a fun slideshow about france and I did a little presentation on the actual Mardi Gras and how it came to be! Next month is... yep you guessed it IRELAND!! We're very excited! Anyways here's a few pictures of our FHE night.... Don't mind the hair in the 2nd picture I had just got out of the shower.....

What do we have here... the little turkey reached over and dug his little fingers right into that cake....

Nice try ZACK!