Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Boots to fill....

Ok well if we are friends on facebook you may have already seen this pic. and whatever if you have... but I just wanted to just rant about how much I absolutely LOVE my boys... They are perfect in every way! I love Zack and how energetic he is, how he is so happy and how he LOVES his baby brother. I love my Preston boy because of his sweet personality and his gentle disposition. I can tell these two rascals are going to be best buds and I love how they smile already at eachother! What a lucky mom I am to have the two cutest boys I know.
I love this picture because Zack LOVES LOVES LOVES these boots and although I absolutely disagree with this saying as my boys are going to be very different.... I still thought it was pretty cute.. haha
Love you boys


Friday, August 13, 2010

Biggest Looser...

Ok so normally I don't really post about this stuff but you know what it's totally on my mind and I want feedback. I read a blog post a while ago on a fellow bloggers blog and she went on a little rant about how she is pretty sure people read her blog but don't leave comments. I'm totally guilty buuuuut.... if that is you today you must and have to leave a comment.
So it has been 6 weeks since our sweet lil baby entered the world! I LOVE HIM! He is such a good little baby and is such a joy in our life.... BUT... with having a baby comes the fun and dreaded topic of WEIGHT. LOL! OK, so this is what I want to hear your feedback. Please. Ok so with Zack I gained ALOT ALOT ALOT of weight. It was awesome... lol anyways after Zack I stressed over the weight issue and it was so hard because all I wanted to do was GET IT OFF FAST. So anyways, this time with Preston I thought you know what I am just going to enjoy my boys those first 6 weeks as I really shouldn't be exercising until I get the go ahead from my dr. WELL... I had my apt on Tuesday and she said things look good and to start but start slowly. SO...(this is getting rather lengthy...) but I want to hear your story. How much weight did you gain with your baby, babies, ect. How did you get it off? and How long did it take? Did you nurse? What did you do to get your baby weight off? I have decided that weight watchers, or Jenny Craig things like that aren't for me. I am just going to work out and try and eat healthy. Like I said I normally wouldn't post about something like this but it has been on my mind so I wanted some feedback. I know the weight will come (yes I am anxious) but it's nice to have some encouragement and feedback. Like if she can do it then so can I, kinda deal. Anyways LET ME HEAR YOUR STORY! Don't be shy or bashful. I can't wait!
Here's to happy weight loosing....lol

Monday, August 2, 2010

Its a new day...

Well its actually not a new day at all... from my last post anyway.
but after I posted I thought you know what I just need to try a few things to make things fun and exciting for Zack too! I mean don't get me wrong we have left our house ALOT since I had Preston but just not alot of fun things mostly groceries, apt's, and just things that NEED to be done! So I thought tonight Zack Preston and I were gonna do something fun. We popped popcorn, got blankets out rented a movie and sat together and had a great ol time! I love being a momma! There we go.... I can do this! lol....



I have been wanting to post for um now... 1 month.. LOL... I have had so much on my mind... and honestly not a whole lot of time to write.
So here is my attempt to try and BLOG again...
Well we have finally welcomed out sweet baby boy into the world! Preston Kenneth Baker 9 lbs 3 oz and 22 inches long. He is absolutely a doll and we love him soo much! He is blonde? which yes Kenny is the father! LOL! He is a great little sleeper and pretty good little eater as well! Zack absolutely adores him! He has been quite a good big brother! He is very helpful at getting diapers and helping tub Preston and watching TOOPY while mommy nurses Preston.
Although he is pretty good there have been the occasional meltdowns... but I figure this is normal? RIGHT?
Well having two is nothing that I pictured at all. Now don't take me for an idiot here because I knew it would be busy but I never thought this busy... and I have my mom and sisters help ALL the time... This is what makes me nervous/worried. I need to know your feedback. Did you have to have help when you went from 1 child to 2? Like for example... how would you go to a pool and go swimming with your kids? I want to go in with Zack but I can't quite take little Preston? So do you just leave him on the side? Not really? do you send Zack in with a life jacket, NO... so I guess although I think I am slowly adjusting to two I still find somethings a little hard or frustrating. My children are the joy in my life they really are but sometimes I think I get to hard on myself thinking, am I even doing a good job with two? It totally is an adjustment for me but I feel like some days I am really getting it? But then I don't know? Maybe not. Sometimes I feel like people look at me like are you serious its just TWO? Like my sister for example has 5 kids my other sister has 4 and they are amazing little mommies. I don't know I know I shouldn't compare but I just wish I had that confidence that I could be like ya I know what I'm doing, or Ya I am doing a pretty good job.
We had a Harris thing yesterday at my mom and dad's and my older cousin gave me the HUGEST compliment. She said, "so you have two kids now eh? You look so comfortable and relaxed with two." My first response was WHAT???? But then I thought ya you know what maybe I can do this? maybe having two isn't that big of a deal? I know it can be challenging like at 2 am and one wakes the other one up because they are crying but whatever sleep is overrated right...lol...
Anyways I want to hear your feedback... How did you adjust to having two? Do you have any tips or tricks? I love having both my boys and I love playing with both of them but I must say for me anyways it has been quite the little adjustment. Anyways things are going fabulous Ken is off to Boston for work and we miss him so bad... it hasn"t even been one day yet... I can't wait for him to get home.. I just think everyday just 4 more days, just so many hours ect... lol. I love my man! He is everything to me! Anyways there is my ramblings for today! I sure do love my TWO little boys though and they are everything to me, I just hope I'm doing a good job of raising them both? LOL?

who wouldn't love these two cute faces!!!!!