Monday, April 6, 2009


Okay so friday I decided we really needed some groceries.... I was on the south side anyways so I thought.. I'll go to superstore and get them there this time.. my gosh was that the stupidest idea ever!! I've been trying to go places with Zack where he can sit in the cart not his carseat anymore... so I took zack out and went to get a cart... 1st thing- $1.00 freaking dollar for the carts.. my gosh! So we went to get a dollar and by the time we had come back no carts so we had to go out in he parking lot to find a cart.... Next I went to put Zack in the cart and there were no strappies... to tie him down... Oh welll I'll just entertain him with toys and treats... nope not a chance he reached for everything/food/bag/apple in sight.. so here I was holding zack down with one hand trying to push this cart with the other and im sure I looked like I've never been out of the house before... anyhoo... so not being a frequent superstore shopper I had absolutely NO idea where anything was.. so have you ever seen those mums with like 8 kids jumping all over and the mums got her list out talking to it like its actually going to respond back... i normally look at those poor ladies and think dang it I should go help her out... yep you guessed it that was me talking to my list..." where are those stinken eggs, hmmm I wonder if they have frozen buns..." "okay i've already gone down this isle 3 times to find those eggs?..." you get the point... so finally after an hour or so in the superstore Im waiting in the checkout... thinking to myself awesome YOU DID IT!!!! I get to the checkout and the lady asked me "how many bags do you want" I looked at her like what did you ask me.... she puts her hand on her hip all snooty "HOW MANY BAGS DO YOU WANT?" Im like I dunno enough to bag these groceries? so she says do you think 6 will do it? I say "sure?" Then she hands me the bags... What the heck does she want me to do with these? She's like bag your own groceries hunnie... I thought are you flippen kidding me.. I just spent 1 hour fighting my boy to sit in this cart, been lost in your HUGE store for 1 hour, paid for my own bags and now I have to bag my groceries!!!!????? So Im still trying to hold Zack in the cart while bagging these groceries and well ya I guess it took me a bit longer... but to top it off the lady behind me was sitting there tapping her toe waiting for me... I almost turned around and said "could ya just hold him or something so we could all get out of here?" anyhoo... so LONG story of complete whinning but I will NEVER go to that superstore alone without a lil help-well until zack can sit in that thingy better... anyhoo... I thought I would share my ridiculous superstore experience!!!!