Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well we MADE it!

We are finally in! We have made the move the old house is cleaned (thanks to my sweet mother in law) and the new house all ready to rock (thanks to my mother). I just can't express how much I love family. They are always there to help they are always there to lend a helping hand and to get your through anything! Aren't they fabulous!
Anyways well we are here, we are here in good ol Magrath! We certainly don't feel like HOME quite yet but we are getting there... Yesterday we went and got a few groceries because we have been living on fast food and hot dogs for the last 2 weeks so we thought we probably should have a real piece of fruit in this house somewhere...lol...
I will post some pics of the new place soon. I really use the word "new" lightly.. haha... it will be an awesome little place to live! Zack is adjusting... gets a little emotional at times just not knowing what the heck is going on or why we are here but he loves the fact that he gets to see his grandma and his cousins like everyday... That is a sweet memory for him I am excited to have! Well I just wanted to post and say we are in, we did it, we survived the move... we didn't even think about divorce... haha.. we had a few stressful days and I said to Ken, "are we gonna make it through this move or what?" haha we just had to sit there and laugh... It all went good and we are getting all settled in! Pictures to come of the new place... we just need to get a few pics on the wall! LOL!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

4 Fun Fabulous DAYS..

Well wow... what a crazy weekend and start of week. We are in the fun process of moving and boy its been a BLAST...lol NOT... I am not a huge fan of moving now... haha, I was the one who told Ken, I'll do it, it will be fine.. Well plans are changing around like crazy but I'm sure its all for the good!
Well here is our life in a nutshell... first we will start with why we are all moving away from our wonderful little abode here in Lethy!!! Ken graduated this year and got hired on with Sunlife and we were offered a fabulous position which will require us to move sooner or later. Its a 3 year training program, our first year we found out is here in Lethbridge and then our other years could possibly be Boston or Ireland! It will be a super fun adventure but have required us to be grown ups and make a few decisions. So we decided to put our house on the market like April mayish and see what happens... well we had a realtor come look at it and see what we could get and in a matter of one week we were signing papers and just like that our sweet little home was SOLD. We definitely got what we wanted for $$$ but its still hard to leave this fabulous home, and friends and family we have made here in Lethbridge.
Well we decided that if our second year was in Boston we would rent in Magrath until we go just to help save up some money as Boston is the 2ND most expensive place to live in the USA right now.
So anyways... low and behold look what we are doing all in one month.... moving back to my hometown, MAGRATH. Something I never thought we'd EVER be doing. LOL... I love my little Magrath dont get me wrong... I just never thought we as a family would be moving back there. We have so many emotions, nervous, excited, worried, happy, sad to be leaving here too... So anyways we are in the process of moving as we have to be out on April 1st.
As we were looking for somewhere to just rent out in Magrath we found a few opportunities ( one possiblity was shackin up with the parents haha... ) but then another opportunity just presented itself and we couldn't be more thrilled....
A house of our own again... lol it may be old and it may not be built my trusty husband and father but I will live there! lol.. its actually really cute. I can see the potential. It definately needs a little TLC but I can't wait to make it our home! (It's just temporary I have to keep telling myself.)
Anyways... so for that long story wow sorry everyone if you don't like to read blogs you just basically read our life just to tell about this little story....
So among all this packing and moving and having such a big helper (he really is, he loves to help put things in boxes although he also loves to take them out. But he does love to help!LOL, being 7 months preggers and still trying to be a mom and wife... ( I may be slipping in those areas at this time) we have been getting a little sick, me in particular.
So Saturday day Ken said to me Mandy I am taking Zack to Magrath to do some stuff when I get back I want you to have seen a doctor and have a solution to this cold that you can not even breathe.... So off to a walk in I went.. they did absolutely nothing for me so they told me to go to EMERG... EMERG??? what the heck I hate the hospital but I knew Ken would give me that guilty feeling if I came home without seeing a doctor so there I sat in Emerg for 2 whole long hours without my baby to keep me entertained. Finally when I got in she listened and was about to do an x-ray when I asked if I could skip the x-ray. She then said we should put me on a ventilator and see if that helps... OH MY GOSH... i am so glad I went down there I actually took one good breath in and it felt SOOO GOOD to breathe!!! loL! so home I went with a ventilator and it has sure made life a little easier for me (what a poor sap I am... LOL)
Anyways, then last night we had another trip to the hospital... haha... Zack was up all night coughing and hacking and gagging and I thought what if he has the same as me? So down we went again at 12 am. Poor little Gaffer... We then had to get the poor little guy and xray and wait FOREVER it seemed. I was so relieved to hear he didn't have the pneumonia too but that he just has A LOT of gunk in his poor chest. I hate sickness I hate being sick and more than that I hate the HOSPITAL.. lol.. they are great people but I would rather be in my comfy bed sleeping my heart away... I hope we all feel better as this move is just this Friday and Saturday... so fun! Although I think I have everything ready to go I am going to be SOOO EXCITED to just get out there and start our life in our sweet new home! Please come visit if you can and we'll show you the SIGHTS of good ol MAGRATH!

Friday, March 19, 2010

another attempt...

Ok here is yet another attempt to be a blogging mom... haha. I am inspired by my sweet sister in law to do this.. I read hers everyday and think gosh I wish I could do that... well here we go AGAIN... haha. I promise I will try this time. I would like to do be able to have some kind of remembrance of our family... haha... Zack is growing so fast and doing so many fun things that I need to be better at writing them down. So like I said this is my attempt to do better... a pledge... here we go again..