Friday, January 30, 2009

Okay, seriously can I say more...I love my baby! Haha... He is so fun to play with.. I Love to watch him Roll over, Sit up (seriously look how big he is getting) and talk up a storm! I am so blessed to have such a fun and sweet baby. I LOVE being a mommy!
We Love eachother....

He's Getting so GOOD at Sitting UP!

I couldn't Stop LAUGHING at this picture... he thinks he is so funny and this is the face he does whenever he does something funny or cute.... I LOVE HIM!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ok so I am on this kick that I must must must figure out a way to make Zack sleep a little longer than 2 hours at a time... so tonight I kept him awake from 4 till 8pm and then gave him a bath, Fed him, and sang a little song and then the plan was to let him cry himself to sleep. Well to my surprise he got this little smirk on his face closed his eyes when I kissed him on his forehead and off to sleep he went... um... WHAT? OK? so.. its 8:30pm and guess what? Yeah I am going to bed? what the duce? Well I am hoping the bath and full tummy keeps him asleep for a little longer? Anyways I'll let ya know how the night went tomorrow... Cant wait till one day he surprises me and SLEEPS through the NIGHT!

25 Things...

Ok So I know thaat most of you have read this on Facebook but I thought why not stick it on my blog to introduce myself a little bit... This is a silly little list about myself...

1. I can't believe I am writing 25 things about myself...

2. I married my best friend and We have the most amazing son! My life is soo blessed.

3. I am a dental assistant, who can scale (which makes most hygienists hate me) but... I love my job and i have worked for the same Dentist for 4 years, and despite all my bickering and complaining i actually like my job!

4.I hate scary movies

5.I was a nanny for 5 months in the Bahamas. I absolutely got the travellers bug!

6. I have a rare condition in my spine, which makes my left arm numb (its awesome, and by awesome i mean stupid!)

7. I hate breakfast, but I LOVE breakfast foods, i.e: eggs, cereal, bacon.....ect.

8. I had s c-section, and will alway have c-sections which by the sound of it, I'm quite ok with that!

9.I love to make lists. Even though I am not the most organized person, I love my lists... I have lists for groceries, what to do that day, what to clean, how i manage money, goals i want to accomplish, things I want my hubby to do, heck i even sat down and made this list...

10.I love to run! I could run all day (well not really but if i could i would love it!)

11.I love taking pictures, in fact I kinda have a small little business and I LOVE it! I love to capture that adorable first time mom really excited but nervous about whats to come, I love capturing the sweetness of a newborn fast asleep with such a peaceful little look on their adorable little faces. I love the sweet innocence of a little kid, or a little girls giggle, or a little boy and their lack of attention! I love to capture two love birds ready to start their own fairytale, and every family with their unique style! I love taking pictures...(wow that got a lttle long sorry)

12. I love to play with my baby boy! We love to sing, dance, read stories, make up stories, swim, but my favorite time of the day, when the world comes to a complete pause is when I get to watch my baby sleep, nothing i don't think could be more rewarding than that!

13. I love a good hot dog!

14. My favorite color is red

15. I love to be busy, dental assisting, Photography, Nails/pedicures(oh and a little waxing), i used to sell shade clothing but not anymore, Next I want to take some culture/cooking classes and Secretively I want to be a Hairdresser-and one day will!

16. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to make fun of people. If it was a career I would be a millionaire. It is one of my favorite past times... I love most people I come in contact with, and you know i love you if I can mock you or tease in some way. Its just who I am....

17. My husband is a better cook than me

18. I hate cleaning the kitchen but I love the smell of fresh laundry

19. I am horrible at New Years Resolutions. I made a goal not to come on facebook for a whole week, I didn't even make it till Tuesday

20. Which Leads me to my next point, I waste way to much time on Facebook

21. I love to sew, Quilt and I also like to bake. I just don't like to clean, i wish i had a maid

22. My Sisters and my Mom are my best friends!

23. I wish we could move to a Unique place just for a few years, I would love my children to see the world outside of Lethbridge. There is just so much out there....

24. I am a proud citizen of Magrath. I grew up in Magrath, my Family is in Magrath, I have friends in Magrath. I LOVE MAGRATH!

25. I love Life, it is so full of adventure and fun things, I never want to grow up. I still love to explore and get lost when I go places. I Love to find new places and learn something new everyday. I always get mocked because I have taken a million courses but I just think that there is so much out there to learn. I love my family, I love my friends, I believe in my Religion and I am so Thankful for the Life God Blessed me with!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ok so I know Zack is only 4 months but why not teach him early... I got this idea from Angie Asplund (the most creative person I know) and so I tried it out... they are fabric covered magnets... so fun! Zack seemed to like them too!

And then he ate them

Zack's Standing?

Okay so the other day kenny said "Mandy, come look at Zack" The smart little man found the birds and cars outside and found it VERY interesting! It was so cute I had to snap a million pictures!

The one car was on its way an Zack kept watching it until his head hit the cold window... so cute!

High chair

Well Zack... zack is a wonderful little boy, but... for the past 2 weeks he has been a horrible horrible sleeper... so first I thought its just teething... Then I thought maybe he's sick? nope, then I got this bright idea maybe he's hungry.... so off the wally world I went and bought some rice cereal! We got the little guy a high chair and off we were to start some solids.....

Let's DO THIS...?

Okay, I guess my goal to stop facebooking. didn't thought why not replace the habbit with something new...a blog??? So here is my attempt to blog...