Sunday, April 4, 2010

Catching up... EASTER

Well my sweet goal of blogging regularly was a little harder than I thought.. lol.. I am trying I really am!!! haha... well We are finally in our new place here and Love it. It was a little adjustment this week going from a 4 level split to a one level place where there is no dishwasher but we are honestly really starting to fall in love already which is great! We had a lot of good times and a lot of stressful times this week but to always get us through it is our sweet baby boy! One day I really should stop calling him my baby.. LOL... anyways here are a few things that kept us entertained while having the stress of moving...
Zack loved to help pack, and label EVERYTHING! He was great at putting things in boxes and taking them out! It was super he Loves his new COWBOY BOOTS and is still in love with shoes lately though its been daddy's workboots? What a knucklehead!!!
So while being out here in M Town, we have grown to really like it. There is a slower pace feeling of being out here and it has been really nice.... a few things we've been up to have been very camera worthy.... (this is what I came home to the other day...LOL)

we also have learned to remove clothing, all parts including a diaper...
reading on our own....

and the sweet songs of Zack's ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM 100000 times a day just will never get old around here!!!!

So this is what our sweet family has been up to lately... Now yesterday was a really fun day... being Easter and all.... The men went to Priesthood and so Grandma had a whole afternoons worth of fun for the grandkids....
When we first got out to the farm Gramma Cynth had already made some WICKED batter for cupcakes that as the kids got to layer them they were the coolest looking cupcakes EVER and SUPER BRIGHT!

Next was off to the basement to have an EASTER LESSON from Grandma Harris. She is always so fun to be around but we are always constantly learning too... I said to my sister I think I am learning more about Christ then the kids are... haha..
Then off to upstairs to go on an egg hunt. In the eggs were money and for the end prize we all got to go up town to the BLUE GOOSE
for some delicious ICE CREAM...

Zack loves ice cream with grandma!!!
What a fun time we had out there thank you so much to Grandma...
Happy EASTER everyone!!! Will be posting really soon! I have a really EXCITING shoot to post here soon can't wait to SHARE!!!!
oh right and here is my new photography buddy.... super excited!