Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Okay so I have a little goal I am going to get out there so I can either have someone do it with me haha or just at least bug me to do it... anyways... Ken and I went to edmonton this last weekend for a little family getaway... while we were driving I kept saying ken, I know i've forgotten something... he's like well what? kept going on and on and on like that I know I forgot something... so we get to Calgary and I was like AAAHHH I FORGOT MY CAMERA..... balls i was so mad.. anyways kenny was like this is good... you can just relax and enjoy our lil family... and you know what it was super fun... but I felt like something was missing... so.. my new birthday wish is to get a new little olympus( i know, I'm normally a canon girl....) but.... olympus stylus 6000 its waterproof point and click and its adorable and takes great little pictures for the oops I forgot my camera moments... and it goes underwater, and in extremely cold temperatures as well! anyways... so I want that for my birthday because I want to start the 365 day project. Basically what you do is take a picture everyday of something you did or what happened that day ( i believe anyways?) I'm kinda making it up because I have heard about it but I think I'll just kind do my own twist! LOL! anyways... I am going to do that and this is what this blog will be about the everyday picture! Then at the end of they year I will have a sweet little scrapbook of our baby boy and our family! Anyways if anyone wants to join me we could push each other along and remind all of us to do it? Its a great way to capture those moments we may otherwise forget! anyways.... let me know I'm super PUMPED!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Wow what a horrible blogger I've been.... so silly... but life really does get away on you sometimes... Zack is almost walking and he is crazy as ever so keeping up to him all day is a chore in itself! Anyways not alot happening here in our small corner of the world. Kenny and I are really enjoying the break from school! Kenny is working full time with Jenex and really enjoying that! I am still doing pictures.... its so silly but I am really really falling in love with what I do! Its a hard choice for me whether to go  back to work in the fall or not... I could do this everyday all day I think! I LOVE IT! so thats what I have been up to.. and Zack attack... well he is a crawling machiene.. he is turning into such a stink... but in a good way.. he makes me laugh probably once every 10 min.. haha today..for example he was nursing and he bit me... yeah he bit me... I never thought the day would come but it did and so I've heard other mums say when they bite to push him into you.... so he can't breath.... so he bit and the first time I just pulled him off in shock of what he just did to me, but then the next time he bit I pushed him in, I held him there for a bit I thought not to long but for a while.... and when he came off from flailing his arms around he just looked up at me and laughed and laughed and giggled and how do you not laugh at that... its not funny by the way but it was soo cute at the same time... there was nothing more than to laugh... anyways.. he  is the light of my life... he is so fun and funny... and such a little joy to have around.. He is trying to master this walking business... he's been taking steps lately... 9 months, gulp im going to have my hands full! but anyways we are doing great just letting you know i haven't fallen off the face of the earth.... ive been busy on my other blog check er out http://kmbakerphotography10.blogspot.com
Till next time...

Monday, April 6, 2009


Okay so friday I decided we really needed some groceries.... I was on the south side anyways so I thought.. I'll go to superstore and get them there this time.. my gosh was that the stupidest idea ever!! I've been trying to go places with Zack where he can sit in the cart not his carseat anymore... so I took zack out and went to get a cart... 1st thing- $1.00 freaking dollar for the carts.. my gosh! So we went to get a dollar and by the time we had come back no carts so we had to go out in he parking lot to find a cart.... Next I went to put Zack in the cart and there were no strappies... to tie him down... Oh welll I'll just entertain him with toys and treats... nope not a chance he reached for everything/food/bag/apple in sight.. so here I was holding zack down with one hand trying to push this cart with the other and im sure I looked like I've never been out of the house before... anyhoo... so not being a frequent superstore shopper I had absolutely NO idea where anything was.. so have you ever seen those mums with like 8 kids jumping all over and the mums got her list out talking to it like its actually going to respond back... i normally look at those poor ladies and think dang it I should go help her out... yep you guessed it that was me talking to my list..." where are those stinken eggs, hmmm I wonder if they have frozen buns..." "okay i've already gone down this isle 3 times to find those eggs?..." you get the point... so finally after an hour or so in the superstore Im waiting in the checkout... thinking to myself awesome YOU DID IT!!!! I get to the checkout and the lady asked me "how many bags do you want" I looked at her like what did you ask me.... she puts her hand on her hip all snooty "HOW MANY BAGS DO YOU WANT?" Im like I dunno enough to bag these groceries? so she says do you think 6 will do it? I say "sure?" Then she hands me the bags... What the heck does she want me to do with these? She's like bag your own groceries hunnie... I thought are you flippen kidding me.. I just spent 1 hour fighting my boy to sit in this cart, been lost in your HUGE store for 1 hour, paid for my own bags and now I have to bag my groceries!!!!????? So Im still trying to hold Zack in the cart while bagging these groceries and well ya I guess it took me a bit longer... but to top it off the lady behind me was sitting there tapping her toe waiting for me... I almost turned around and said "could ya just hold him or something so we could all get out of here?" anyhoo... so LONG story of complete whinning but I will NEVER go to that superstore alone without a lil help-well until zack can sit in that thingy better... anyhoo... I thought I would share my ridiculous superstore experience!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Calling All MODELS!!!!

Alright all you AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL FANS.... WE WANT YOU!!!! We had so much fun with our last family giveaway we decided to do another giveaway... It seems fast but we are so excited to do another one! This one is different however from the last, because its a so called "GLAMOUR SHOT" My fear of giving this away is no one will enter because I know people can get modest on me here... But I can PROMISE YOU we will have SOO MUCH FUN!! It's very relaxed, not stressful, get out there and be silly... TO tell you the TRUTH its really fun for me too... to find new poses and do funky outfits! So we won't call it a GLAMOUR SHOT we'll call it America's Next Top Model... ( I love to go and play americans next top model its so fun!!!) So... here's how you enter... I have been reading about these points systems... and 
I LOVE THE IDEA! So here are your points...
1.Follow Baker Photograpy Blog- 1 point
2.Post about this giveaway on your blog/facebook/website - 2 points
3.Put a link from your blog/website to our BLOG- 1 point
4. Tell me about your favorite Photo session of yourself/or others
Flatter me... Just kiding, no but really.... -1 point
Let me know what ones (or ALL) that you have done and I will put your name in the draw! Come on everyone put your pride/ modesty behind you and LETS HAVE SOME FUN! I can't wait to go out and take some FUN photos... I would like to do outside ones and a few inside as well! 
The GIVEAWAY will be going until March 31st at MIDNIGHT! All participants will recieve a discount on their own "Glamour Shots" if you book with in the first 7 days after the WINNER is announced! GOOD
check out kmbakerphotography10.blogspot.com

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Okay, I don't know if EVERYONE knows but hello.. its FREE!!! I am doing a giveaway for FREE FAMILY PHOTOS! I am so excited to do it and to see who the winner is... I am more excited I think than alot of the people who have already put their name in! OOHh the anticipation is killing me! Let me know your story soon, you can check out my photography blog at kmbakerphotography10.blogspot.com
and enter to win! It will be so fun! And keep posted cuz I really wanna do a 
glamour shot GIVEAWAY.. and you HAVE to enter that one cuz its just for fun!!!
Anyways Enter away like I said I am soo excited to do this little compititon! It makes is fun!
Check it out and GOOD LUCK!!!

Where Are You Tooth???

Teething- defintion, horrible time had by all... man i feel bad for this little guffer... He's been teething forever it comes up and goes back down... that is the stupidest part! like I said yuck... I just feel so bad for Zack! It seems so painful, nothing makes him happy I feel awful! I gave him teething tablets, teething toys... its just a rough life when your 6 months of age.. haha.. Poor thing.. anyways Im sure we'll all survive!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Okay, how come I still get these crazy cravings... and I'm not even pregnant? So the other day I all the sudden had the biggest craving and what for... Rice Pudding.. rice pudding???? What the heck is that? I swear I've only ever had a bite of rice pudding once when I was small and now all the sudden... I can't get enough... so off to Wally World I went to try and find this cursed thing, and a pregnancy test.... I swore I had to of been pregnant... 
<span class=>
Well I'm here to announce, definitely NOT pregnant!.... But then...

I got another Crazy craving.... SICK PANCAKES! I hate pancakes! I always have and yep you guessed it we had the most scruntious pancakes i've ever had.... So anyways despite my whole I always think Im pregnant thing I'm also sick of these cravings... Im not sure if it's a post pregnancy thing but I sure hope they stop soon or I'll never get all my baby weight off?

Feb- Mardi Gras

Okay so call our family weird, but this year we celebrated MARDI GRAS... and though no we didn't have a parade or took our shirts off, we had cake and fake beads... The funny thing is we did absolutely nothing for Valentines Day (except Ken cooked an amazing meal) but we did celebrate the wonderful day of MARDI GRAS! Reason.... i'm sure your wondering why? Each month for family home evening we have 5 different "activities" each month... really 4 but a 5th for those months with more weeks... anyhoo.... One week we do an activity (swimming, basketball, for a walk... ect.) one week we learn about the scriptures, one week we do a service activity, and one week we have a night of culture... we learn about another country or culture... Last month we had our friends over and did the Chinese New Year and learned about China, this month was France and we learned about "Fat Tuesday" which another word is Mardi Gras... So therefore we celebrated mardi gras and boy we had a good time.... The reason for the cake is there is a tradition that they do that they make a cake and put a "trinket" inside and whoever gets the trinket (which normally is  a toy baby doll) gets crowned king or queen of the day.... It was fun, kenny put together a fun slideshow about france and I did a little presentation on the actual Mardi Gras and how it came to be! Next month is... yep you guessed it IRELAND!! We're very excited! Anyways here's a few pictures of our FHE night.... Don't mind the hair in the 2nd picture I had just got out of the shower.....

What do we have here... the little turkey reached over and dug his little fingers right into that cake....

Nice try ZACK!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ok, Seriously I haven't fallen off the face of the earth but this is what happens when a computer crashes... Balls... So anyways things are in progress with the photography business so I am getting wicked stoked! Our new computer comes this week, got the new photoshop CS4 and a tablet! OOOh i am getting really excited to do some wicked editing... It stinks that the computer went but maybe this is a good thing... start anew! Anyhoo Just to let everyone know give me a week or two but then check out my blog for photography its, kmbakerphotography10.blogspot.com and soon to come.....(drum roll please...) MY WEBSITE!!! YEah I am totally pumped about alll this.. Kenny has really Stepped in and started to help me out on the business side and I think this might just work out perfectly for us! YEAH! So get ready to get some family/ engagment/ baby, or maternity pictures because we are going to have a ball! OOH I am excited to start some new Fresh ideas and I hope you are too!
Will be back in business soon!

Friday, February 6, 2009

New start....Sort Of

Ok So, I guess you all heard... my computer crashed.. like I said before... worst day of my life.... I thought I was going to pass out. Anyhoo... Well Today was a very exciting day for me because well although my computer crashed and what not it might not be a bad thing.. I mean I really Really love this photography business and I've always wanted to really pursue it.... I mean really get my name out there and I guess be confident in what I do. I always second guess my work, is it good, are my clients going to like it, its silly how much I can stress and fret over one picture.... anyways... So getting back to this whole computer thing... Today we bought a brand new i mac computer -24inches again but this time the Hard drive automatically backs itself up every hour... fewf what a relief... So i am really excited about that, also i am excited because I am getting the NEW photoshop CS well I think its CS4... yeah hoo! So i am really excited to see what this program offers me... Well the point of all this jibber jabber is that I really really want to immerse myself in this photography more and more.... I love it and I have fun with it, I just need to be confident in it. I have a really good friend who is a client and she always is telling me how much she loves my stuff and I am not going to lie everytime she refers someone to me or talks about the photography it does make me feel like a million bucks... that I really start to feel confident in what I am doing.. so.. point is I am going to start into this business a little more heavily. i want to get prints professionally printed, I am in the process of making a label for myself, I am also in the process of making business cards and ect... I think that I really can do this I love it and so why not.. The reason I am making this post is actuallly to hear your feedback.. I love hearing feedback obviously from everyone because then I can take all of it into perspetive and really get a jump on all this... Let me know what you think, ideas, suggestions.... if you want to commment on photos be my guest... Also I am working on making my photography blog a bit more... well professional rather than just a cute blog.. anyways I hope this is making sense I would just love to hear ideas and suggestions... Thanks for reading this jibber jabber.... I love all you guys and all of my clients thank you for your wonderful support and confident I sure appreciate all you do for me... Thank you for your wonderful comments and support! I love you all and can't wait to photograph each one of your families and to make a story of your sweet little families!

Monday, February 2, 2009

He Sleeps!!!!

The monster sleeps! I was starting to loose hope there! Last night Zack slept sooo wonderful! and even though it wasn't completely through the night it was way better than every 2 hours! I am finally excited once again. Sometimes I think that us moms get a little to comparitive (is that even a word?) and think our kid should be doing what the other kids doing... well let me remind everyone (mostly myself) that each babe is different and different things work for different babies... I am so lucky to have my little baby and even though he doesn't sleep through the night he is perfect to me! Thanks to all my wonderful and amazing friends who are so supportive through this fun and learning process of motherhood... I sure appreciate all your encouragement, advice and awesome chats.. Here is a little picture of my wild haired little man... They really are wonderful aren't they!...

Friday, January 30, 2009

Okay, seriously can I say more...I love my baby! Haha... He is so fun to play with.. I Love to watch him Roll over, Sit up (seriously look how big he is getting) and talk up a storm! I am so blessed to have such a fun and sweet baby. I LOVE being a mommy!
We Love eachother....

He's Getting so GOOD at Sitting UP!

I couldn't Stop LAUGHING at this picture... he thinks he is so funny and this is the face he does whenever he does something funny or cute.... I LOVE HIM!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ok so I am on this kick that I must must must figure out a way to make Zack sleep a little longer than 2 hours at a time... so tonight I kept him awake from 4 till 8pm and then gave him a bath, Fed him, and sang a little song and then the plan was to let him cry himself to sleep. Well to my surprise he got this little smirk on his face closed his eyes when I kissed him on his forehead and off to sleep he went... um... WHAT? OK? so.. its 8:30pm and guess what? Yeah I am going to bed? what the duce? Well I am hoping the bath and full tummy keeps him asleep for a little longer? Anyways I'll let ya know how the night went tomorrow... Cant wait till one day he surprises me and SLEEPS through the NIGHT!

25 Things...

Ok So I know thaat most of you have read this on Facebook but I thought why not stick it on my blog to introduce myself a little bit... This is a silly little list about myself...

1. I can't believe I am writing 25 things about myself...

2. I married my best friend and We have the most amazing son! My life is soo blessed.

3. I am a dental assistant, who can scale (which makes most hygienists hate me) but... I love my job and i have worked for the same Dentist for 4 years, and despite all my bickering and complaining i actually like my job!

4.I hate scary movies

5.I was a nanny for 5 months in the Bahamas. I absolutely got the travellers bug!

6. I have a rare condition in my spine, which makes my left arm numb (its awesome, and by awesome i mean stupid!)

7. I hate breakfast, but I LOVE breakfast foods, i.e: eggs, cereal, bacon.....ect.

8. I had s c-section, and will alway have c-sections which by the sound of it, I'm quite ok with that!

9.I love to make lists. Even though I am not the most organized person, I love my lists... I have lists for groceries, what to do that day, what to clean, how i manage money, goals i want to accomplish, things I want my hubby to do, heck i even sat down and made this list...

10.I love to run! I could run all day (well not really but if i could i would love it!)

11.I love taking pictures, in fact I kinda have a small little business and I LOVE it! I love to capture that adorable first time mom really excited but nervous about whats to come, I love capturing the sweetness of a newborn fast asleep with such a peaceful little look on their adorable little faces. I love the sweet innocence of a little kid, or a little girls giggle, or a little boy and their lack of attention! I love to capture two love birds ready to start their own fairytale, and every family with their unique style! I love taking pictures...(wow that got a lttle long sorry)

12. I love to play with my baby boy! We love to sing, dance, read stories, make up stories, swim, but my favorite time of the day, when the world comes to a complete pause is when I get to watch my baby sleep, nothing i don't think could be more rewarding than that!

13. I love a good hot dog!

14. My favorite color is red

15. I love to be busy, dental assisting, Photography, Nails/pedicures(oh and a little waxing), i used to sell shade clothing but not anymore, Next I want to take some culture/cooking classes and Secretively I want to be a Hairdresser-and one day will!

16. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to make fun of people. If it was a career I would be a millionaire. It is one of my favorite past times... I love most people I come in contact with, and you know i love you if I can mock you or tease in some way. Its just who I am....

17. My husband is a better cook than me

18. I hate cleaning the kitchen but I love the smell of fresh laundry

19. I am horrible at New Years Resolutions. I made a goal not to come on facebook for a whole week, I didn't even make it till Tuesday

20. Which Leads me to my next point, I waste way to much time on Facebook

21. I love to sew, Quilt and I also like to bake. I just don't like to clean, i wish i had a maid

22. My Sisters and my Mom are my best friends!

23. I wish we could move to a Unique place just for a few years, I would love my children to see the world outside of Lethbridge. There is just so much out there....

24. I am a proud citizen of Magrath. I grew up in Magrath, my Family is in Magrath, I have friends in Magrath. I LOVE MAGRATH!

25. I love Life, it is so full of adventure and fun things, I never want to grow up. I still love to explore and get lost when I go places. I Love to find new places and learn something new everyday. I always get mocked because I have taken a million courses but I just think that there is so much out there to learn. I love my family, I love my friends, I believe in my Religion and I am so Thankful for the Life God Blessed me with!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ok so I know Zack is only 4 months but why not teach him early... I got this idea from Angie Asplund (the most creative person I know) and so I tried it out... they are fabric covered magnets... so fun! Zack seemed to like them too!

And then he ate them

Zack's Standing?

Okay so the other day kenny said "Mandy, come look at Zack" The smart little man found the birds and cars outside and found it VERY interesting! It was so cute I had to snap a million pictures!

The one car was on its way an Zack kept watching it until his head hit the cold window... so cute!

High chair

Well Zack... zack is a wonderful little boy, but... for the past 2 weeks he has been a horrible horrible sleeper... so first I thought its just teething... Then I thought maybe he's sick? nope, then I got this bright idea maybe he's hungry.... so off the wally world I went and bought some rice cereal! We got the little guy a high chair and off we were to start some solids.....

Let's DO THIS...?

Okay, I guess my goal to stop facebooking. didn't happen...so.....i thought why not replace the habbit with something new...a blog??? So here is my attempt to blog...